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Completely Disagree, with your Complete Disagree

I have several friends (1 of which is an extremely intelligent Officer in the Army, scary enough) who have stated "what does it matter if he was born a citizen"? Or "I don't see the point of why all these 'birthers' are upset"?

As the OP stated "the better man for the job" trumps "the law" in most peoples' eyes. THAT is why our country is in shambles. Very few understand the principles of our gov't. And most believe mob-rule is what matters, vice established law.

The media is a circus, as I think most Americans can agree. Though most STILL take it as hard fact, while still bitching about it's bias/misreporting/chaos. So I doubt that the
question of "why didn't the Media report on this?" will rouse most people to action.

Sorry, but I believe that this country is too far along in mindless compliance to Authority. I believe that only a drastic measure/mis-step by our handlers would cause people to "wake up". And every day that passes, the "powers that be" numb the people to accept more and more oppression, so the chances of an mass awakening grow smaller every day.