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Comment: Many in this movement are still naive, but many will awaken.

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Many in this movement are still naive, but many will awaken.

RP reminded thousands and more of what was forgotten. It is his message that has brought us together. We understand through simple words how sound money is essential, the importance of abiding by the Law of the Land, among many other things.

You ask if I have ever been to a protest. I will continue to stand in defense. I will also continue to stand in offense, for they are BOTH required.

Faith needs to be restored to this movement, this r3VOLution, beginning with the individual, then onto local/state. Once that has been done, I have faith that we will accomplish what we seek, if not soon, then later. It WILL take an entire generation, one of which RP, I and some others profoundly understand.

What is the sense of living if you do not have and realize dreams?

There is more to a movement than reading and memorizing passages of history or laws written in books. It is up to us to add more yeast, and give them time to rise.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul