Comment: I just love Dr. Orly Taitz. I

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I just love Dr. Orly Taitz. I

I just love Dr. Orly Taitz. I was following her cases years ago; talk about a tenacious proud American. She immigrated here from the Soviet Union and took advantage of the freedom to become anything she wanted to be. She's a real estate agent, dentist, AND attorney. How many times have I seen her speak in her thick Russian accent explaining how important it is to make sure we retain our freedom in this country. She grew up with the tyranny of Communism and she has said it many times that she knows EXACTLY who Obama and his minions are. Then the media had a blast making fun of her because of her accent? Her make-up? Because she wasn't born in the United States? Her cases are pretty tight on evidence and she doesn't back down. The problem has been the courts saying no one has the standing to question Obama which is poppycock. Obama has ignored subpoenas before and I suspect he thinks he's still above the law and will not show up again. The media will continue to ignore Orly Taitz and she will still continue because she knows she's doing what is right. I admire her and wish Americans worked half as hard as that woman does. I hope something good comes from her cases eventually.