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In Dr. Taitz's reply to the

In Dr. Taitz's reply to the opposition of TRO, what she ends up saying is that if Obama is found not eligible and removed from office, the runner-up would become president which is of course, Romney. But she didn't follow the fraud in Romney's campaign. She has focused solely on the forged IDs, Indonesian citizenship, and lack of ids which would've infringed on suffrage rights of other candidates. This one is being brought on by both a Republican and Libertarian candidate. But I remember Dr. Paul saying once that the problem is that the founders made an error in not putting the definition of a "natural born citizen" in the Constitution. Even though we know what Vattel's Law of Nations says, the only things we have to go on as far as the Constitution are letters the founders wrote about it. I don't think it's going to be enough for Dr. Taitz. And even if Obama were possibly removed, we'd still have fraud in the White House and that's Romney. We all saw what the RNC, GOP did in the primaries. We also know that an individual on Romney's payroll was passing out fraudulent delegate slates and was caught. It just feels like no matter how hard good people like Dr. Taitz try, we will still end up with another fraudulent bankster puppet.