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Comment: Be Angry, but Not Forever

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Be Angry, but Not Forever

Go ahead and be angry for a while, but it is not good for your own health, and if you decide you need to move beyond it, and are having trouble, there are workable alternatives for grief recovery as well (not that you ever lose the grief, but you need to move to a healthy memory).

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and other "tapping" or meridian methods seem to help immensely, and work with other traumas, too, from alergies to PTSD and childhood molestation. It's a simple technique and can be done simply and easily on your own or with help.

Emotions like anger are hard on the immune system, so getting back to remembering love is a worthy goal. In the meantime, those who recover from cancer need to educate every doctor they can: most doctors only see their predictions come true, because those who defy them don't ever go back and teach the doctor anything.

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