Comment: Free market anarchy is all around us, every day.

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Free market anarchy is all around us, every day.

Government has tried to stamp it out. Government became deadly in 1860.

The only problem with anarchy is that it means without rulers, but government wants to rule. (Leaving themselves exempted from the iron boot they use on us.)

Until 1835, The United States owed a debt to foreign banks.

A number of States had borrowed gold from foreign interests for their public works projects, including Michigan. Michigan spend the 5 million on roads, lost money on the project and sold the boodoggle for $2 Million in gold, leaving $3 Million of the note due in 1857 (part of the panic of 1857).

The War against southern autonomy bankrupted the United States who turned back to foreign bankers for loans.

The creditors call the shots. Every get a call from a debt collector or been visited by the repo man. I suggest that it wasn't the Constitution but debts we owed. Creditors don't care how you get the money. Too often government stooped to hook or crook.

That's my pitch. There would have been less corruption if the United States and the several States were debt-free.

Free includes debt-free!