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Ron Johnson, perhaps I don't want to make converts with mindless brutes or authoritarians? Also understand that I am a Christian, trying to clear away the cobwebs in my mind regarding God, Christianity and the Bible.

You're right that it's rather difficult to get people to change their views on this, but that was not the point of my post. The point of my post was made very clear and that's for those who believe in a hell to square that away with their defense of individual liberty. And how it would seem to me that such a God does not grant you liberty over your own eternity unless you enslave yourself to his whims or mirror his principles that he himself does not follow, as contradictory as that may be. When all of this is taken into account it creates a massive dichotomy that's not easily resolved. Why worship a tyrant, other than for the reason that "he's God and will put you in eternal hell fire if you don't"? That's the threat of an evil, wicked and immoral tyrant if there ever was one.

All they have left is to fall back into the non-thinking, dogmatic scriptures that just reiterate the same calls for authoritarianism over and over again. It's all very ugly to me. HVAC-Tech mentioned Deism which I think really is more for me. I believe in God, it's just that more and more I find myself questioning (not 9/11) the inconsistencies in the fire and brimstone version of God. As I said, I'm not saying God does not exist. I'm simply questioning how libertarians could support such an authoritarian as the one presented by many Christians.

My mind is sort of evolving as I read throughout this post. More and more I'm quite frankly coming to the rather sad conclusion that "God's tyranny" extends to his people and it makes them rather unlikable. I don't like their message. Their message is one of FORCE, and one of BLIND REGURGITATION with a tone of judgement that increasingly makes me wonder if they're not really representing Satan through a tricky misinterpretation of scripture and a failure to read the Bible in a historical critical context. I started this thread with a genuine question but it's largely been answered by the authoritarian God-drones inability to answer even simple ones. Can I really blame them? They're not to think for themselves, to do so would essentially be hearsay. The more I think about them and their religion, the more I want nothing to do with them or their God.

I really don't believe that a God would want millions of little robot-twin-drones all in heaven believing the exact same things. What exactly is the point or brilliance in that? I don't expect answers to these questions. They're just thoughts and questions I have. Faith is faith I suppose and you either have it or you don't. As the evil character in the movie Chronicles of Riddick says; "Convert now... or fall forever".