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Comment: ok hold on this deserves a second look

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ok hold on this deserves a second look

I'm not saying I believe the Aquatic Ape Theory however this sweet old lady deserves a listen. She speaks a lot of truth about the science community and academia.

Firstly she explains some of the holes in the theory of evolution from chimpanzees. She talks about how different we are and that the environment we lived in wouldn't have facilitated evolution to what we are.

Secondly she talks about how academia and the science community at large are resistant to facts that don't support their theory so much so that they just pretend those facts don't exist. Global Warming theory could be a text book case in point on this issue.

Thirdly, the Aquatic Ape theory makes more sense than the land ape theory simply do to our existing biology. Like for instance (she doesn't mention this but...) our noses. Ape nostrils all are exposed to water flowing into them if they swim through water. While on the other hand, human noses point downward and allow for sealing off intrusive water and facilitating breath control. So, if you are going to believe in evolution then you aught not automatically dismiss the water ape theory.

Lastly, I grew up believing fully in evolution. But now as I've gotten older and have begun to think critically, I'm not so sure. I won't go into all the flaws of the theory right now but if you are a creationist or at the very least doubtful of the current science then you should appreciate what this woman has to say. I'm still not sold on the theory but I wanted to give this video a bump and qualify my smart-alic remarks below.