Comment: I'm a little troubled, not by the over against energy but

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I'm a little troubled, not by the over against energy but

The operation against the Soviets in Afghanistan was concocted by the United States a perhaps partially funded by Oil Sheikhs in the Persian Gulf. I am pretty sure that their goal was not Liberty for anyone.

Bottom line, for me, are results for liberty. I see nothing redeeming in the success of driving the Soviets out of Afghanistan.

We don't have billions in funding. During the Rumble in the Jungle Ali had to take beating to Rope-a-Dope.

Unlike when Gandhi declared Indians had right to make salt, the public beating by English-paid troops brought global disgrace on the British Empire. We have spent the years since WWII betraying would be friends and bribing tyrants to the causes of empire. Who would be outraged on our behalf?

General Nathaniel Greene roped the British Dopes leading to the defeat of Cornwallis. The cost of the war to the British exceeded expected profits so the war ended.

Ruby Ridge marked the beginning of the end of our corrupt government, IMO. It has been falling apart ever since and in desperation the Federal Government has been grasping at straws. They are running the printing press and borrowing extraordinary amounts of money to bribe millions. It is futile.

As in Tetris when the blocks reach the top: Game Over. It's our game.

So how about this? First we try them for treason then we hang the guilty ones. Perhaps we can foster respect globally for openness and justice.

Free includes debt-free!