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Can I also say

it's interesting whenever I see comparisons between God and Government. It seems to come up frequently whenever the Government is trying to grow and assert itself.

"The arm of the Lord is not too short to save" vs. "The long arm of the law"

You see the comparisons in little places here and there, and they start to get more obvious. I remember during the Clinton impeachment hearings one congressman said, "President Clinton truly is the king of peace." Well, if Jesus is the Prince of Peace, then what does that make Bill Clinton?

As for godly or governmental authoritarianism, think of how a libertarian government would treat a failing bank. Would letting a bank fail be a sign of a good government or a bad one?

Hell is reserved for the angel who is also known as the Prince of the Universe. He thought he was better than God, and he twisted the physical makeup of the people God created. Lucifer was cast out into hell, and since the corruption he introduced into mankind can't be allowed into heaven nor a renewed earth, the corruption has to be sent into hell as well. We're all being given an option to be recovered without any penalty, but those of us who embrace sin and seek deification cling to our own banishment along with the one who made the sin in the first place.

You can see my loooong post a little further down if you want my perspective as a computer technician.

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