Comment: Yes, perhaps I am too optimistic.

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Yes, perhaps I am too optimistic.

But I have to tip my hat to Dr. Ron Paul. Optimism is spending a lifetime in Congress and hoping to make lemonade from that lemon.

Yuri Maltsev quipped, "A pessimist is just a better informed optimist."

Yet here we are today. The government is failing, the straw that broke the camels back was this last election.

Only 30% of voters elected the sitting President: Tyranny of the minority.

I suspect none in Congress won the votes of a majority of voters.

Even under the terms of Modern Democracy it is a government of little authority.

Government is flat busted and in debt to the tune of 16+ Trillion, they plan to stick us with their bill for the debt they've incurred.

What do they have left? When will they start eating their own to save their own skins. Will the rats soon be jumping ship?

Dr Paul talks about how government is always behind the time. Their propaganda reflect this fact. The government is toast, they or their mouthpieces just don't know yet.

The history of the Afghanistan reaches back to the 1200s when the Mongols opened the Silk Road by eliminating the city-state tyrants with the help of the oppressed population and introducing free markets.

I guess Afghanis ignored the memo that proclaimed their liberty was forfeit.

I think that what I will do also. What can we as free men and women accomplish that will stun and encourage the world.

Free includes debt-free!