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I agree that God is reason

Religion, on the other hand, is a collection of non-sensical assertions, contradictions and hypocrisy.

I've been Christian most of my life due to parental of the rules of entry into the church was a promise by my parents to raise their children in the church -- there's free will for you. By the time I left home, the punishment/reward idea had been so firmly drummed into my head for so many years, I remained in the church for a while due to fear (of eternal condemnation).

I searched for answers to things like why would God in all of his wisdom and love and justice punish his own perfect son for the sins of his other imperfect creation? How would this punishment of the innocent logically bring about salvation to the guilty? Why would he want to save guilty people in the first place? If he did, why punish his perfect son when he could just "save" all of his creation without torturing and murdering his own son. Why would a perfect God create something imperfect knowing that in the end many of the imperfect ones would fail to "believe" and then torture or banish them forever for it? Why would God in all of his justice and wisdom offer bribes and punishments based on ability to believe rather than on the measure of goodness and evil in each individual? I never found logical answers that were convincing.

You say the bible is God inspired because that's what you've been told by the people who promise you salvation. There's no way you can actually KNOW, it's belief based on fear.