Comment: The Trolls Over At Youtube...

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The Trolls Over At Youtube...

Have already begun the attack against Liberty.
Dr. No is, as always, clear, concise, and correct.

Two comments so far, and one of these is a TROLL:
"IAMHEWHOAM 5 minutes ago
Ron Paul is a fuckin' jackass. All you fuckin' paultards should be herded onto a supertanker, taken out to the middle of the ocean and drowned like the filthy animals you are!"

I get a warm and fuzzy feeling from knowing that lovers of the Constitution are included IN THE PROGROM of ANNAIHALATION, as espoused.
I met some guys in MN. when I was attending the CFL 'Rally For The Republic', back in '08. 10 to one, one of these was 'Minnesota Chris'. You held my spot in line while i went back to my car and changed shirts. My shirt had the upside-down flag on it, in a sign of the distress that WE were not allowed to fly the FLAG 'in this private venue'.

As always, Dr. Paul IS correct. MY support has not wavered.