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Hi, Thank you for your

Hi, Thank you for your explaination. I am a curious sort so please bear with my questions :)

I am reading here that you go to synagogue. Do you mean that you attend church with people of like faith, or are you speaking of an actual Jewish synagogue where Jesus is not Messiah?

In addition to the Old Testament, do you accept the New Testament with the writings of Paul?

The reason I had asked you about what you meant about being a Christian Jew is because I am having trouble understanding Zionism.

As a Christian, I have always been taught to have a high regard for the Jewish people so when I began to see things refuting Zionism it was an eye opener for me. So, I was hoping that you were of the Hebrew bloodline and might have some words regarding Zionism. If you do happen to have some, I would appreciate your help. I wrote this post and want to know if what I feel I have concluded is true:

That being said, I understand that I, as a Christian, have been grafted into Abraham thru faith in Christ (Romans 11) and that not all blood son's of Abraham are Sons of Abraham (John 8:44). So, I suppose I am a Christian and a Jew as well, I just never say it in those terms.