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Hey V1G1L4NT, does it give

Hey V1G1L4NT, does it give you a little thrill to know that your cosmic king has lit Thomas Paine on fire for the rest of time for the horrible crime of using his brain and not accepting blindly the bullshit the "authorties" in his church were peddling?

I wonder how many N. Koreans like to say things like: "I wonder how much Wang is regreting saying that now" when one of their neighbors is dragged off to a reeducation camp for speaking out against their Supreme Leader, or questioning why they have to live like slaves.

This is the part of Christianity that reminds me that even when the battle for liberty is won, we'll just be up to our eyeballs battling against all the religeous zealots who want a Theocracy. In the end, you're all a bunch of N. Korean peasants bowing to your supreme leader and pretending the twisted shit he does is "love" and "good." Meanwhile those of us who use reason as our guiding light just shake our heads and hope you'll shake off collectivism completely some day.