Comment: I did Gerson for a year was pleased with the result.

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I did Gerson for a year was pleased with the result.

I don't have cancer but a 50 year old fungus infection that has taken it toll.

To anyone who is getting started I reccoment Dr Joel Wallach "Mighty 90". Taking the 90 essentials for healthy human life, especially the 60 essential trace minerals.

The juices are great for providing the plant derived plant derived colloidal minerals. However, our soils are mineral deficient. Seafood, seaweed have all the trace minerals. Certain ancient humic deposits also contain all the

One side benefit that I can attest to is that enemas provide pain relief. They were used by Hippocrates for that purpose and to help move the toxins created by healing pass out of the body. Reducing pain can be a blessing in itself.

Mineral balance can be tricky. I've learned to identify calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium imbalances by their symptoms and correct them.

When I use up my current supply I'll be getting Wallach's Mighty 90. I will use enemas as needed to clear out the sick that the liver dumps.

Providing all the essentials give the body the tools and part that it needs to heal, with or without enemas.

Rare Earths Forbidden Cures by Wallach lists the minerals and the scientifically established roles the have for our health. Doc Wallach DVM used to be on Mutual of Omahas Wild Kingdom shooting tranq guns from helicopters. He then became a Naturapathic Doctor to share his knowledge with human patients.

Free includes debt-free!