Comment: A witness is more powerful than an argument.

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A witness is more powerful than an argument.

Those on here fighting the idea of Christianity -- or a GOD at all -- have not felt his presence in their lives. If you had, then you would have to choose to turn from him. Who would do that? Turn from their creator?

I can only assume you have not sought him, and so, you have not found him. For whatever reason. But, you shouldn't assume everyone has had the same experience (or lack of one). You also shouldn't be so sure that you're right.

^"Meanwhile those of us who use reason as our guiding light just shake our heads and hope you'll shake off collectivism completely some day." Who, pray tell, instilled the sense of reasoning within you to guide you? As someone else mentioned, we ALL have 'gods,' and it sounds like you may believe you are one, as you seem to have taken credit for your own brilliant 'reasoning' ability?