Comment: The problem is that the media

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The problem is that the media

The problem is that the media will spend the next 4 years praising and promoting Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and maybe one or two others. Every time their name is mentioned it will be followed by "the likely GOP candidate", "the one most likely to win", "the one with the best odds against the democrats", and in Rubio's case, "the one who can pull in the Latino vote". Every time Rand's name is mentioned, there will be an equally disdainful tag attached, "appeals to very few", "no chance against the Democrats", "outside the thinking of most in the GOP", etc. I really believe the media can sway, lead, and cajole enough non-thinking sheep to elect whomever they want, they do it every time. If you think the next GOP primary will be decided on policy of the candidates, their stances on the issues, and their voting records, you have not been paying attention! Whoever the media decide to push is who will win, and they will NOT even give Rand a chance, that's a promise you can take to the bank! Only about 10% of the public THINK, and they/we will be maligned in the media.

The ONLY possible way that Rand has a slight chance is if we grow our numbers and manage to take over the GOP in 2014 or at least many of the states, but SO MANY are dropping out with disgust that we will likely have an even smaller presence in 2014.