Comment: You haven't felt his

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You haven't felt his

A delusional or unreliable witness on the other hand is useless.

You haven't felt his presence. You've only managed to convince yourself that mundane stuff that happens in your daily life are signs from god. They arent. Perhaps you've seen Jesus in your tortillas. Maybe you've mistaken lucid dreaming for visions or close-calls with demons. Perhaps you've cooked up words in your mind... wondered if they were actually god talking to you, then convinced yourself they were. Maybe you've asked for stuff in your prayers, and then when they happened, you convinced yourself god magically cast a spell to make them come true (and forgotten about all the prayers that didn't come true).

Whatever the reasons you attribute to having "felt" god... you havent. Those are delusions in a mad attempt for you to coerse your reasoning mind to accept utter bullshit.

And while we are on the subject of hard truth: Your cat does not love you, and if it was bigger, it would kill and eat you. Im sorry.