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Wow, not only are you "sure" make me sad. Really. I read your responses and instead of someone with any actual ability to debate or discuss, all I get is a rambling pseudo-psychological analysis of my craziness. You know nothing about me except what I've written here. You don't even know the details of any of my experiences, and still, you are so sure I'm nuts.

Truly, you are worthy of all glory and honor, almighty Magwan god. It would do you good to spend some time in Genesis, as you typify the sin nature, the "I-am-god" nature, that keeps people like you from knowing your creator. (Of course, if you believe the agenda-driven evolutionary biologists, you can just go to the zoo and spend a little time with our ancestors, right?)

You call me crazy; I call you sad. I'm quite content knowing, in every other part of my (and my family's) life, I'm successful, happy, educated, loved, loving, rational, and respected, and that probably means that my "experiences" are probably not delusional or dreams or magic. And that's sad for you.