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Oh, these are great questions

Thank you for your excellent questions. I will do my best to reply, and please feel free to challenge.

1) If we're all evil, how does believing in Jesus make us not evil anymore?

We're all damaged and corrupted, which is mechanical in nature, and we have a valuable beautiful being, which is like our id. Accepting the payment on behalf of Jesus redeems our souls (ids). We remain damaged and corrupted, but we're forgiven. While there is indeed a gradual personal change that happens while we're alive, the purification comes at death when our ids are saved and our bodies are renewed.

2) (Regarding the torture and murder of Jesus and) why would God in his infinite wisdom and justice punish his perfect innocent son for the sins of everyone else who are guilty?

As Jesus said, he wasn't killed. He committed suicide. He allowed himself to die. It was his own decision, and in fact Lucifer attempted to recommend that Jesus take the easier way out, and Jesus refused. If the question is then "Why would Jesus let himself die to pay for the guilty," well, that's the epitome of love.

3) (continued) when he could've saved everyone else without doing that?

Gifts cannot be forced. Imagine if you saw Jesus today, and he said, "You did some things you shouldn't have done, and I've paid for them for you, and you're getting a new body and living forever in a renewed earth, whether you life it or not." No gift can be given without acceptance by the recipient. That would be trespassing.

Additionally, the debt of sin must be paid, and if it's simply written off, it was never a debt in the first place. Jesus, being sinless, had the credit to pay for our debts.

4) Since God created Lucifer, isn't God guilty for the corruption of his other creation?

You know, I don't have a complete answer for this, because I don't know the dynamics of angels. I don't know if God specifically created them to have a free will such that they would be responsible for their own actions. I don't know what his reasons were, if he in fact created Lucifer specifically knowing what he would do. It's a good question, for which I don't have a good answer. For me, I don't see a direct culpability nor do I see necessarily that Lucifer's modification of us was outside of his role as prince of the universe. I'd like to find out more when I can.

5) Why is it that most people in the west despise authoritarian hierarchical monarchy in the material world, but can envision nothing but such an idea in the "afterlife"?

I don't know. It's even something that got the best of the nation of Israel during Biblical times. They kept begging and pleading for a king, despite being told that they were much better off free. They finally whined and complained enough that they got a king, and it sucked. I don't know if it's specific to people in the west, but it sure does seem to be a strange desire of people throughout history. Once we're free, we start demanding that the government do something about it.

6) (Regarding eastern spirituality and ) This idea is more believable to me because those who believe it don't care whether you believe it or not. Truth is truth in the end and belief is irrelevant.

It's important to turn that around as well. Try not to let the behavior of some nearby Christians misrepresent the truths to which they claim to adhere. I never, ever try to force or push my beliefs on others. That's why I really love your post here! You're asking some very good questions and offering some very well thought out positions. You're sticking to the ideas and not attacking people. By saying that an idea is more believable because those who believe don't care whether you believe or not, that has the same logic as saying that you believe something because people got angry at you for believing/not believing it.

Regarding eastern spirituality, a common theme I find in many popular religions is one that you can somehow transcend humanity by following a set of guidelines. I'm not a physicist, but from the little bit that I know of quantum physics, I don't know of anything that backs up any spiritual/transcendent collective connection. If there is any, I don't see how it conflicts with what I believe, and it would be very interesting to find out more about.

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