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Excellent Question

C.S Lewis asked many similar questions and openly sought answers which led him to become a Christ-follower. He explains his attempt to disprove Christianity logically in his book, Mere Christianity. One analogy of his to explain how sinners can meet their savior is as follows:
"Certainty about the Incarnation came two years later, after a late-night talk with J. R. R. Tolkien gave him the idea that the pagan dying-and-rising-god myths were “good dreams” given by God to prepare the ground for myth to become fact in Jesus of Nazareth. Lewis realized that while Hamlet could not break out of the play to meet the author, Shakespeare could write himself into the play as a character, making the introduction possible. The Incarnation was, in some ways, like this."

God knowing that we could not come out of this world on our own to meet Him, wrote Himself into our story to provide a way to be with Him.