Comment: On the contrary.

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On the contrary.

We're all born walking on the path to Hell. God - through Jesus - said, "Hey, look, I'm giving you a way out!"

Imagine this: you're stuck on a train track with high walls on both sides. There's an oncoming train. Someone then drops a rope ladder down, yelling, "Grab the rope or you'll die!" You don't condemn that person as a brutal authoritarian, you grab the ladder, climb to safety, and thank them profusely.

Why are we born on the path to Hell? Sin cannot exist in the presence of God; were we to enter His presence without being redeemed, we would be destroyed, and God does not create only to obliterate - Hell must therefore logically exist as a place for the created (us) to exist outside of the presence of God. Jesus provides a path through which to have our sin purged completely, allowing us to enter God's presence.