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I've thought much of this, too

If you are truly questioning, and not just stating your beliefs as questions, then you should spend time in the bible. There are mysteries that we as humans will never know, but that is not unlike other belief systems. Christianity, in my opinion, is the ONLY belief system that makes sense of the darkness in this world, the sin nature, morality, and all that we call human -- good and bad.

Truly, no one knows for sure what is truth and what is not. You can only go by your own experiences, right? But the belief that we are all part of one greater consciousness falls right in line with the original sin (which was not only disobedience but the desire to be more like God himself; Satan tempted, "This will make you like Him."). It's only through our understanding, acceptance and denial of that sin nature that allows us to fellowship with God again, and that was accomplished only through the blood of Christ.

I'm not putting down your beliefs but offering up what I believe is a great deception -- that we are all "god." There is true power to be had in those philosophies, and it will provide spiritual fulfillment, but the power, in my understanding, is not of God but of darkness disguised as light.