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Take diatomaceous earth

It is 90% silica and is loaded with all the trace minerals you need. I hope you are aware your body can not take in magnesium or calcium unless you have the required amount of silica in your body. It is the most essential building block your body needs to be healthy. Without silica you would be a pile of Jello on the floor. Silica gives you better hair, skin, bones, cartilage, and blood veins.

I know it works, because I needed chiropractor treatment 3 times a week for the back. Since I have been taking diatomaceous earth I no longer need the treatments.

I disagree with the soil being depleted of minerals, it is still there. We are planting GMO's which will never pull the nutrients out of the soil. If we go back to organic farming the population would get a lot healthier. Organic farming requires replenishing the bacteria into the soil that belongs there.

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