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I'm like minded.

For starters don't put a capital c on christian if you can help it. No need to glorify yet another religion of hate.

I was fascinated the first time I visited a religious thread on this supposed "liberty" minded website. I could not believe how hateful and rigid people were. People supposedly devoted to taking on the establishment, yet they serve the greatest, most profitable establishment on the planet, blindly.

They joyously give their money to a multibillion dollar corporation called the "church" while this "church" never pays any attention to the truth. And if you try and explain that, out comes the fairytale of hell.

Their god of "love" is fully capable of burning your filthy flesh while you scream, scream, scream for help. Their god of "love" is fully prepared to do this to you, FOREVER.

From ancient times, even up til' our bible their is a belief that certain souls will be annihilated. Rest assured, we have a better chance of avoiding that fate than those who spread lies of eternal torture in some God forsaken furnace of fire.

The "christian" has much to worry about, so long as they belong to the lie.