Comment: What we must be concerned about the most

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What we must be concerned about the most

is the response. The holocaust happened, and we can't change that. There are always going to be opportunists who say, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." What better crisis than the heart-breaking deaths of 6 million non-combatants of the same heritage? The motives vary, including the idea that eliminating all of the Jews would force the second coming of Christ and bring about the rapture. The motives don't matter as much as the result, which was the wholesale murder of millions. The result matters but is separate from the response, which is -both- the establishment of a Jewish state by peaceful and positive terms and the destruction of Israel and surrounding countries by warmongers.

From what I've learned, and you may have found out something to the contrary in your research, the original creation of Israel was in generally standard terms. Jews bought land (and you're right, the Jews have had a lot of gold) in Palestine, the numbers of Jews and Arabs living in the same country became troublesome, and it was divided for reasons of sovereignty and order. Now, as for the question of Zionism, the desire to have your own land is one thing. The belief that you already own something that belongs to someone else is another. Among Zionists, this is a very divisive issue. In my opinion, the way in which Israel first came to be was perfectly normal and natural in the course of history. What I think is the most destructive thing to the nation of Israel, the nations surrounding her, and to Christians and Jews around the world is violent aggressive Zionism. Leaked videos and memos seem to me to prove a lust by the current leadership in Israel for a total annihilation of her neighbors, using fake threats (a drawing of a bomb), false flags, and MSM sleight of hand.

Add to that the supposed Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which many people who claim to have been Illuminati have said was in fact the Illuminati plan, and you have a reason for a whole lot more people to hate Israel and to think that Jews are up to no good. So now we have a nation that may be perfectly legitimate, a corrupt leadership, money going to fund both sides of a conflict that we pretend to want to end, other groups claiming to be Zionists so as to deflect blame, and a mixture of nonviolent and violent Zionists.

The answer to all of this, regardless what the motives, regardless whether the holocaust was intended to warm people to the idea of a Jewish state, is to seek out and defend the truth, stop foreign aid, promote peace and free trade, and spread the ideas of liberty. In addition to that, we as Christians and Jews are especially responsible to point out those who claim to be Christians and Jews who are committing atrocities.

I'm sorry that I don't have a lot of information regarding the backstory to the holocaust, but from what you've said, it sure seems plausible that it may have either been triggered or hyped by those with a violent Zionist agenda.

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