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Except you're only going to

Nice dodge. Still clinging to the "you send yourself there" Hairy? Just like you put yourself in prison for tax evasion?

Look there are some realities you can't avoid right? Taxes are like a car racing to a brick wall... either you reach up and hand Hairy Reed your money, or you crash into the wall because YOU made the choice. Its free will.

Im not a gangbanger shooting up houses. Im a libertarian who believes and lives 100% in natural law and the non-aggression principal. But thats not good enough for your sadistic cosmic dictator or his boot-licking yes-men down here on earth. Submit or burn right?

You sick fear-filled people who believe your children are evil, who love a fictious mystical lie more than your own families. Ridiculous. Worse than ridiculous... bullshit. The saddest part is you're lying to yourselves.