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Plenty of people have

Plenty of people have responded to this. If you reject God, you go to hell, which is a place without God. Let me wrap this up. There is a world with God (heaven). There is a world without God (hell). The invitation is given while we are here on earth, a place where both God and Satan exist. Eventually, God will take the people who accepted the invitation and leave the world to its sin. Those who said "no thanks" have chosen hell because they rejected the invitation. Your complicating this. Also, its very libertarian. God is without Him is bad. Understand? Also, to pass this off because science can't prove a spiritual realm one way or the other is a poor excuse. Things are discovered in science all the time that we had no idea existed. Quantum physics is full of that stuff. Just because there isn't a telescope or barometer to read the spiritual realm just means that man doesn't have the tools to read it. But all in all, whether you believe Jesus was the son of God or not, He still ("or He thought He") died for you. Whether or not you believe his death was for nothing, His heart was pure in His motives. At least show some respect for that act of honor.

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