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Comment: Your logic is flawed.

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Your logic is flawed.

You can NOT ignore the scientific fact of controlled demolition...without ALSO indicting the Bush Administration.

You ignore the fact that Dick Cheney issued the order to NORAD to stand down.

You ignore the fact that the Bush Administration blocked....BLOCKED an official investigation of the events of 9-11 for four hundred eleven days...until housewives of the victims (the Jersey Girls)....forced...FORCED the Administration to finally cough up a report.

Turns out that 800 page report, controlled by the arch-neocon Phillip Zelikor....did not even mention...MENTION the strange, strange "collapse" of a third building that day.

YOUR problem is that you are hiding behind the GOP as if they are "clueless"...meanwhile placing the blame outside the GOP.

The salient fact, is that the GOP (and an administration that I totally and embarassiingly voted for all times), was in power at the times of these events...and that that administration did EVERYTHING WITHIN ITS POWE)R,,,to prevent a proper investigation. don't have to have, as you say "a willing establishment for a 9-11 investigation."

F-U-C-K the "Establishment."

You just have to DO IT.

Which we will yours and my lifetime...and with...or without you.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.