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Comment: Another way to look at this peaceful scenario

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Another way to look at this peaceful scenario

is this concept that was brought to my attention from a video that I saw on one of these DP thread a little while ago. What if there was no government at all and you could kill anyone as there was no laws against it? This would have the same effect as this will kill concept that this guy is talking about. You could kill someone and if your neighbors didn't like the fact that you killed this other person, they could turn around and kill you. Think of the respect everyone would have for each other. You would respect your neighbor's rights and property as much as, if not more than your own. A government is the worst idea that humans have ever come up with. Still even today we think it is a necessity. It is useful if you keep it local and small (local ordinances, etc), otherwise, we really don't need it, we can take care of ourselves. Consider remote indigenous tribes that don't know about the world outside of there immediate territories. They don't know of any government except for their local rules and habits. They get along just fine, live withing their means and respect each other.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.