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My wife used the patch

She's been smoke-free since September. It's not easy, and some might argue it's easier to go cold turkey, because the patch keeps nicotine in your system so the cravings may not disappear until you're done with them. It does help to break the behavioral habit of lighting up and helps condition you not to smoke because you are medicated with nicotine already. But my wife abandoned the step 3 because it was just teasing her and keeping the nicotine in her system was driving her crazy. After about 4 weeks of step 2, she went cold turkey and was able to grin and bear a few days of grumpy before she came back into balance.

One thing you can do is set aside the money you would've spent and use it to buy something tangible that will remind you how much you're saving (silver!).

And don't forget that your sense of smell may come back stronger than when you were smoking. Also, Costco sells patches for less than most other places (and in 3 week packs instead of 2). You might also consider avoiding the no-name drugstore brands; she found they don't stick as well, so they tend to fall off really easy. Good luck, it's not easy, but it's worth it!

Last tip, use a spatula to smack your patch if it itches too much.

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