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And I used to be like you...

And I used to be like you... all "unreasonable" and everything. Then I read the bible.

The fact is, you don't have real proof. You have faith. If you had proof, you could show me something. Let me see a photo of you and God. Have God give me a call. Trust me im not going to loose sleep when you can't because I don't have a soul to be hungry for anything. It would be cool if someone could proove higher beings, id be very interested in that... though if someone had evidence of the Christian God, id just run for the hills because that sadistic tyrant is one of the most dispicable dictators in the history of man's imagination.

If there was proof, faith wouldn't be required... therefore you don't have proof. You can be sad for me all you want, but im not the one wasting my life feeling guilty for being born and afraid about partaking in natural biological activities. Its the height of irony when collectivists who activly participate in peasant control claim to feel pity for Individualists who are free from lies.

If you believe in God and it makes you happy, im glad for you. really. Whatever floats your boat. I just think if you believe im going to be tortured forever because I dont, and you consider a god that would do that good... then that makes you a sadistic xenaphobic prick collectivist . You're free to be a sadistic xenaphobic prick collectivist who delights in the torture of innocent people(even though you call your smug satisfaction: pity), but don't expect any respect from me.