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I know that there are no

The reason I "know" what you lot claim to have "seen" and "felt" is BS, is because I know that there are no invisable men who live in the sky and make sets of rules for you to follow, nor does he keep a special torture chamber for those who don't submit. Its so obviously medival peasant control that I could almost laugh that people still believe it, if it wasn't sad. To me, your belief system is every bit as ridiculous as people who would go around worshipping Thor or Zeus. They are fables. If you believe in that, thats great, its absolutly your right. But it doesn't mean they exist.

Im sure you're a good person and other than some compartmentalization which blocks your reason from ruling your entire life, you're probably a smart and capable person. If you're libertarian you'd have to be. That doesn't mean fairytales are real however.

This is a species-wide epidemic of insanity, and it comes about because of early indoctrination into faith-based thinking. I don't think any of you are any more to blame than all of you. But in the end, Christianity is a system of collectivism which teaches people to believe in bullshit, and so long as people keep buying into it, there will never be freedom on this earth. period.

Authoratarians love religeous people... because in general, if a person can accept ridiculous fairytales just because someone they trust tells them its true, then they are vastly more likley to swallow whatever the government tells them. Obviously you libertarian Christians are not the "norm" among the faithful because you don't trust your gov... but at some point, someone somewhere will be able to sell you snake-oil because of your aptness to believe nonsense on faith. You are vulnerable because of your faith-based mind.