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It is not a direct reaction

It is not a direct reaction to anything. The threat of hell exists for those who choose to reject the gift of salvation. Its like that train metaphor...train is heading towards a cliff, someone throws you an escape ladder. Don't be mad at us for saying "but if you don't grab this, your goin off that cliff!" Really we are pleading with you because we don't want to see anyone reject the way out of the cliff/train situation. Its a mercy compassionate pleading thing, trust me

As far as the evidence, no evidence exists on a lot of things that are there. Stonehenge has no logical explanation of how it was built, along with a multitude of strange ancient structures that, the last logic explanation for them being built, was ancient alien technology, haha. But they are there, and they were built without modern day cranes. Following your line of thinking, if it can't be proven according to science then it doesn't exist. Stonehenge is just a fairytale, right?

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