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WTG Maeve

For what it's worth... you've always backed me up when I've posted stuff... and (I haven't gone thru your entire history) I haven't ever seen you post disinformation... so as far as I can see you're pretty credible... so obviously you're putting your credibility on the line here...

Is there any way you can give us more information? For example what exactly does Al mean by "certified?" Did he actually sign an affidavit or something? "Publicly certified" <<< This is pretty STRONG language.

Let's keep in mind folks... if this IS true it signals the "point of no return" for Obama... that could likely mean foreign troops and attempted gun confiscations (good f'in luck).

"There would be a gun behind every blade of grass."

The Hawaii birth record is the FOUNDATION of Obama's entire case which is supposed to discredit all the "birthers" this literally turns that foundation to DUST.