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And there you have it, folks

What happens when we see ourselves as god --- Magwan wanders the earth smugly, knowing (because there is no proof to the contrary) that he has no creator. That he, indeed, was the result of evolution, perhaps, from one single big bad boom. That his intelligence, his superior moral code, and his enlightened soul came from, well, something, or maybe nothing? He doesn't much care, because he's going to engage in behaviors that feel good, no matter. He laughs at those with blind faith, though he trusts many earthly things with much of the same. He insults those who worship God because his soul worships nothing but himself. He feels compelled to dismiss Christians because he has no "photo" of God. He must have no children, no loving family, no vacations to magnificent destinations, no questions of the mysteries of life. Pity? Indeed, Magwan. Worse yet, now I'm going to feel compelled to pray for you...However, I don't think I'd waste my experiences on you as I'm sure you would tell me it was "all in my head." You're partially right about that, but I'll leave it at that. Rest assured, I asked for proof of God and received it 100-fold. I wonder why, if you've asked in good conscience, that you haven't? Perhaps you should ponder that a bit before you spend the rest of your life partaking in natural biological activities. Or perhaps not. We are, after all, simply evolved creatures, trying to survive and willing to eat our own, right? Oh, no wait. That's a polar bear...but I'm sure if you find the right study, we're related to the polar bear somehow.