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Talk about flawed logic

Controlled Demolition is obvious. It's so OBVIOUS, it's what tptb want us to focus on. Enjoy.

Do you know why Cheney ordered NORAD to stand down? Know who advised him and why?

Official investigation? Official? Here in the USA, official comes in many shapes and forms, so what do you mean "official"? Executive office investigation? CIA? FBI? Military Intel? Judicial?

Yeah, they coughed up a report.. How did that work for you?

Why would he mention the collapsed buildings? You going to take them to trial?

Are you giving the Democratis Party elected members who were Governming NY and NJ a free pass? Or are you saying Bush wasn;'t such a dummy after all? You voted for Bush, not me. What do you know?

The Democratic Party was in control of NY and NJ. So maybe you don't believe that states should be sovreign from the feds?