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Comment: Oh no, not the dreaded downvotes!

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Oh no, not the dreaded downvotes!

Oh my.. boo hoo.. I;'m all so torn up now

Advancing what cause? To tell the universe that 911 was controlled demolation? Is that justice? Is that actually solving anything?

I'm with Ron Paul on 911. Ron Paul turned the tables.. but I don't think you get that.. 911 was employed as an excuse by the NEO establishment (which you support), and Ron Paul turned the tables using 911 as an example of bad foreign policy, a way to end the conflicts.. brilliant. And that's where I'm at on my GOP committee.

Real Investigation? By who/what? CIA? FBI? Where do you think real investigation is going to come from? MSM? Ben Swann?

The spotlight is on me, like a Nazi cioncentraition camp? Is that what happens to truthers? Think and say what you say or be threatened? Only prooves you ain't got nothing but being a bully.

Enjoy.. shine on.