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We can agree to disagree :))

Justice is what I seek. And controlled demolation is a fact, that we are being given to dwell on because it doesn't help connect dots.

As you may have seen with other conspracy, the truth is always in our face.. it's our glasses (rose colored or what have you) that give us perspective, and to me, controlled demolation is part of the controlled disinformation.. (there's the inside job).

As I said, I was a truther. I enjoy conspiracy theory. I don't enjoy being told what I have to think or being threatened for thinking "outside the truther box". I'm not damnung truthers.. if that's the best you can do.. enjoy it.. but for me.. well Ron Paul woke me up... I appreciate what Ron Paul has done with 911.. He's spot on and like Ron Paul.. I would be happy to support an investigation, but admit, if it's about controlled demolation.. I would not expect truth or justice to prevail.

You see.. it's not about being wrong.. it's about learning and if all truthers have is controlled demolation.. they ain't got nothing, I'm sorry to say.

In all honesty, downvotes don't mean much to me. If all I got was upvotes and everyone agreeing with me, I'd leave DP from bordom.