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I believe in objective

I believe in objective reality, which includes my family, my business, my friends and neigbhors, and living in a free individualistic republic based on common law and natural rights. I believe no human has the right to deprive another of their life, liberty or property without due process of law, no matter how fancy their hat or badge is. This is my religeon. It requires no faith nor superstition, nor does it require me to suspend disbelief and accept things that are impossible. It promises me nothing that I cannot earn by my own merit, nor does it threaten me with any harm I did not fall into myself. It is a code of ethics, not peasant controling dogma.

I believe in the non-agression libertarian principal because it makes sense and I agree 100% with its doctrine. Reason guided me to it, and I can accept it without having to make wild rationalizations or block out uncomfortable contradictions. I can feel good knowing that my beliefs don't hurt anyone else, nor threaten anyone else. I don't have to live with the guilt of knowing that trillions of people are currently being tortured by my "King" because they didn't obey my libertarian principals. Infact, my religeon completely rejects Kings, and all forms of top-down collectivism unlike the christian myth. And when people "Do" suffer because they are libertarian, I know where to lay the blame... with the collectivist tyrants who wish to oppress freedom, like caging us for libel because they dont like what we say.

I believed in these things enough to become a delegate, and than take over my local republican party as a district leader and now a PCO, with the help of like-minded invdividuals. I believe in it enough to fight for it for the future of my nation and my children.

The "only" thing we likley disagree on is religeon. I see "faith" as a hinderance. I see religeon as early indoctrination into collectivism that shackles people to collectivism and makes reason nearly impossible. It is the fertile soil in which other myths given by governments make take root. I applaud you for breaking free from that part of it, though many will not. Just look at Neocons.

Other than that, im a self-centered bastard concearned mostly with my own long term self interests. Otherwise known as a capitalist.