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Comment: An idea of god, each of us has one. What more can be claimed?

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An idea of god, each of us has one. What more can be claimed?

Augustine's whole statement was, "God is Truth, Justice, Goodness and Sublimity but chiefly Truth.

The Greek word for truth is alathea. Lathe is the River of Forgetfulness in Hades, Alathea is literally without forgetfulness. Once the Truth is recognized it is unforgettable only deniable. These are, however, just concepts or ideas of God.

Is there anything unforgettable in these concepts, each can decide for themselves. Is that what each of us is challenged to do once the question is asked?

I often think about the question Emmanuel Kant asked, "Is it possible to be aware of the presence of God? He argues that in a being fit to be self aware of their own presence it follows that we can be aware of another's presence.

Fritz Schelling asks. is God not the very freest of beings, free to be or not to be.

That leaves man with three obstacles: Am I fit to be present to myself. God is not present to me for whatever reason, God is present but I am blind.

Augustine warns of another obstacle, that of "thinking of God in a carnal manner." In other words maybe my "idea of God" is faulty.

In the meantime, I'll just struggle with this problem as men and women before me have for 250 generations or more.

Free includes debt-free!