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I would go further..

It is much easier to make changes at the county level. So many people in this movement promote state candidates and federal candidates... but I virtually NEVER see anyone promoting constitutional sheriffs.

Get yourself a constitutional sheriff in office and you're free. Trump card. Done deal... all politics is local. We are throwing all politics out the window when we are not even paying attention to who the sheriff is.

Order of authority is God -> "The people" (if you are an atheist then hey - you are top of the food chain) -> The sheriff and his deputies/posse.

I find that paying ANY attention to other candidates is a COMPLETE waste of time... with the possible exception of state reps in New Hampshire since they are so far along with the free state project.

If you want liberty where you live on your state - think about moving everyone into the same county and then putting all your energy into getting a constitutional sheriff elected.