Comment: Right, there's a lot of real science

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Right, there's a lot of real science

And it's all real entertaining and educational isn't it? Yeah. I can see controlled demolation an engineer's porn.

I'm not knocking 911 controlled demolition truth. I'm not calling anyone names. I'm not saying, don't make truther posts. Make all the truther posts you want. Enjoy with all your heart. I'll be happy to bump your post to tell you, I don't see it your way. Some folks like porn (engineering or what have you, as some folks love looking at pictures of buds all day, they find it entertaining and educational. I don't.

I'm not telling anyone what or how to think about 911 controlled demolation. I'm saying, respectively, I don't agree that the controlled demolation of the WTC is the key to truth, justice or vengence. It's a lost leader allowed to us by the perpetrators to keep enquirering minds entertained, and possibly educated.

Thank you for your perspective and best of luck with the controlled demolation box bringing truth, justice, revenge, peace, love and happiness, prosperity and good health, forever and ever.