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Well... it was a shot from

Well... it was a shot from the hip, so I won't hold it against you.

I don't see myself as a god.. I don't particularly believe in gods. Though I do imagine its very possible earth was seeded by some superior or higher form of life. I don't pretend to know what it is, but im very interested in finding out (if true).

I think it likley that big bangs happen all the time. My guess is that any material condenced in a supernova which doesn't get blasted out likley bursts through into the smaller dimention (i.e. the galaxys we call atoms that make us up) and seed that part of empty space with star-stuff to form new galaxies. This is only a very loose theory that I like.. I have no proof. I thought of it while eating thai food.

Its true I do engage in behaviors that make me feel good, though im pretty straight laced. I don't drink or smoke anything. Maybe a beer now and then. I tend to work toward my own long-term self interest, which puts at the pinnacle, a free America and a happy healthy family. I do have a loving family and two beautiful daughters. I also do believe my moral code is superior because its based on natural law and natural rights. If you can think of a better code, im all ears.

I dismiss all types of faith based ideas that people claim as truth. Don't feel particularly special just because we are talking about christianity. I find the idea of every other religeon just as ridiculous, infact I think those who invent their own versions of christianity to fit their modern views are perhaps the most delusional of all.. at least the hardcore burn-em chrisitans have a bible to go off of... the rest just come up with crap and decide to believe it. Faith is antethetical to reason, and without reason, we're dumb animals waiting to be herded into death camps by our "loving" masters. Sorry.

I don't hate christians, I only hate the "hell" mythology that so many believe. I find it is sick and immoral that anyone would condone torture. The idea that you are judged and condemned by what you believed in rather than who you were is repugnant to me.

As for the 100fold proof, I was a christian for years. Id have probably sounded pretty much like you if I was debaiting my old self. I broke free. What else can I say. Until have that epithamy for yourself and say: Its all bullshit, its all going to be omens, signs and messages from god. You can think im a horrible person because I don't play politically correct and kiss up to your religeon, but oh well. I think its ridiculous that you or anyone else feels my children are evil for being born, or will be sent to be tortured for not accepting your asnine supersitions. Coersion is for collectivists.