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If I own and live on an

If I own and live on an island, and have children, then tell them they are not worthy to live on my island because they won't call me master and follow my rules, I can kick them off, so long as there is someplace to go, and a means of getting there. If there isn't, and I force them to drown in the ocean rather than stay on my island, im not excersizing property rights, im committing murder. Your property rights do not take priority over someone else's right to life, and they would be justified to use deadly force against you before walking into the ocean. You cannot use your property rights to infringe on someone else's right to life, even if you gave birth to them.

God owns heaven, earth and hell. If he evicts us from earth via death, and then tells us we can't come into heaven because we don't worship him.. and forces us to go to hell where we'll be tortured and burned, he's not excersizing property rights... he's torturing and killing innocent people who haven't commited a crime against anyone.

while evil gods can do whatever they like, good gods cannot use their property rights to infringe on someone's right to life, even if they created them. Only sadistic criminals would do this.

try again.