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It has nothing to do with force, it has to do with consequences. Those who reject paying their taxes and our system of peaceful central banking accept the opposite, choas and disorder.

Which leads to corruption and suffering for billions. Thus those who caused such corruption and suffering in America will do the maximum time in prison. Or do you think that they should benifit like those who were good serfs and paid their taxes for America?

I must admit, this post in particular points out how sick you people are. If you aren't a Christian, you are the cause of all evil in the world and deserve to be tortured forever. Gee, why is the world messed up mommy? Xenophobia, hate, division, sadism. All the fine qualities of the hell-based christian religeon.

You want "consequence?" Our world is a mess because of diseased ways of thinking like this. Institutionalized, hate filled ologarchal collectivism at our very roots thanks to this.