Comment: Armed US citizens

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Armed US citizens

There are FAR more armed US citizens than there are members of EVERY ARMY IN THE WORLD COMBINED, far more.

And yes, the government is in total desperation mode trying to disarm us. But how will the unarmed take the guns away from the armed?

Bill the sexual predator/sociopath Clinton tried to do the exact same thing in his 2nd term, try to get rid of the 2nd Amendment, and totally stepped on his rape wand...

This time the armed citizenry is way better armed and way more radicalized in their fervor for their freedom.

And it isn't just redneck racist white guys either, I know and trust many of my minority American fellow gun owners, and they are in total solidarity against this gun grab.

If your government has the power to take away the weapons of the citizens, the citizens are not free.

The price the government will have to pay is far greater than it can afford, this land may some day fall, but today is not that day, and these would be dictators are not the ones who take us out.

This bluster from Obama is just vegan 'red-meat' for his followers, there is ZERO possibility that O will expend his limited political capital shooting spitwads at the NRA...