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no worries pal, they may

no worries pal, they may still be in the matrix, but at least they are libertarians politically. Other people's strange issues is nothing to get depressed about. They'll either come around, or they wont. Doesn't hurt us either way, at least until someone manages to light up a theocracy somewhere. But heck, a theocracy couldn't be much worse than what we have here anyway... oh wait.. I forgot about the whole burning at the stake and thumbscrew thing. Well we may get that soon anyway from the collectivists.

My guess is as humanity turns more and more libertarian thanks to the internet, these sorts of dinosaur's strange collectivist belief structures will fade. Of course some will go screaming and crying about how the world is going to explode without their primitive superstitions, as if religeon has ever done anything besides divide humans into collective groups who all hate one another and are easily controlled by governments. These systems of collectivism feed off on another. When the first of them begin to go, the rest will starve to death.