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This is incredibly off the mark

"Biology should be a part of the social sciences."

WTF are you talking about? Biology is not the study of human behavior. You must not understand biology at all if you think it should be in the same category as political science. It doesn't even make sense to politicize evolution. There is no government control in the name of evolution. There is no "evolution cap and trade."

Biology is the core of natural science. Evolution is a small part of the big puzzle. In college I took 40 credit hours of biology. 2 credits out of 40 was evolution. Certain aspects of biology directly build off the theory of evolution, just as some aspects of physics build off of the theory of gravitation, but a lot of biological theories are mostly independent of evolution.

The goal of biologists is not to undermine religion. They aren't getting paid to teach "any anti-creationist theory." They are trying to explain and discover the workings of life on Earth and they are doing it far more methodically and scientifically than any religion. If religious dogma is getting debunked through the scientific method, well then so be it. This is not the goal, but a consequence.

Many religions have adapted to evolution and incorporated it into the teachings, but for some reason many fundamentalist Christians refuse accept anything other than the word of the Book of Genesis. This is probably unfortunate for the movement, as I can only imagine that a religion that actively denies reality and the fundamentals of science will not survive.

Greek mythology is extinct.
Roman mythology is extinct.
Egyptian mythology is extinct.
American Christian mythology is not far behind.

Religions are created and destroyed. Science keeps progressing.

If every single Bible was wiped off of the face of the Earth, the stories of Genesis would be gone forever. They would not be replicated. Different stories might arise as people struggle to explain observations, but the original stories as believed now (such as the age of the Earth being 5,000 years or whatever) would be gone.

If every biology textbook was destroyed, a new wave of scientists would observe and explain evolution. The scientific process would start all over again.